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  • Shoes. 
So, if you are going to be in and out of  a theme park all day, you are going to want to wear comfortable shoes! We have annual passes so we come and go for a few hours at a time which affords me the opportunity to wear Keds and Toms, but I prefer a cute sneaker staple such as Nike or New Balance when we are there for longer days. I would not recommend a flat... they may be comfy enough for the mall but when you log anywhere from 3 to 8 walking miles per Disney day, you will regret those Tory's in a tick of a minute.

  • Outfit. 
Ears. Always bring your ears... you just never know when you are going to want to throw those puppies on and get festive.
Heat is definitely something you are going to want to consider. However, Disney loves air conditioning, so if you plan on doing any indoor dining or indoor ride riding, you will want a sweater or jacket stowed away. We like to carry our rain jackets instead of sweaters, because they work on double duty. Less is more. 
Cute t-shirts have become all the rage at the parks. A lot of them have little park saying on them and they are comfy and light weight. I like to pair a tee or a tank with denim shorts, patterned shorts, or skorts on most days. 
You will be ground sitting, castle hub sitting, rail leaning, and ride riding. This takes out any need for white shorts/pants, skirts, and mini dresses. 
A word on the romper at the park... if you are going for more then 2 hours, I would not recommend it. Peeling off your entire outfit in a tiny bathroom stall while sweaty from the FL heat and surrounded by tourists is NOT, I repeat NOT enjoyable.
If it's a little on the cool side, I reccomend leggings and a breezy tank. The sun comes out and you will really regret that turtleneck.

  • Bag.
If you travel extra light, a cross body is fine, however, I prefer a backpack.
Usually I carry snacks and water for the both of us, but if your man is carrying the bag, do it big! Get a Jansport or something with comfy straps and put all your stuff in there! 
I have a cute little mini leather backpack that is my go-to for the parks that has just enough room for all the necessities.

  • Ears.
  • Always bring sunnies, even if you have a hat with you. THIS IS FLORIDA. Land of sunshine and sunburns. 
  • Speaking of which, sunscreen is also necessary. I will link my faves below... 
  • Your Rain jacket.
  • A bottle of water. 
  • Snacks.
  •  A small zippy pouch with any necessary credit cards, passes, ID, and cash you may need. Don't bring your entire wallet. Every gift card you have ever received and your Sams membership are not necessary while you are park hopping and will feel like bricks in your backpack by then later part of the day.
  • Magic Band.
  • Cell Phone. (A plastic ziplock sandwich bag for splash mountain).
  • Charger.
  • Camera. (A plastic ziplock sandwich bag for splash mountain).
  • Princess Band-Aids/ Band-Aid Blister Stick... Blisters are real.
  • Advil/ Tylenol.

  • Download the mydisneyexperience app for your phone and fast pass your group on the top three rides that you want. This is a total game changer. You will want to do this as far in advance as you possibly can because hot ticket rides such as Frozen (EPCOT) and Mine Train (MK) go fast and then you stand in line 80 minutes each.
  • Make dining reservations as early as you can. The good ones book up fast!

  • Frozen! (Epcot)
  • Mine Train (MK)
  • The People Mover (MK), but no fast pass needed for that one, the line is usually not very long.You get to see the Magic Kingdom from up high and the views are fantastic.
  • Buzz Light Year (MK)
  • Haunted Mansion (MK)
  • Ariel's Grotto (MK)
  • Soarin (Epcot)
  • Test Track (Epcot)
  • Parade watching- The very best spot on Main street to watch a parade is front and center. Park it on the edge of the circle where you are at the very beginning of main street. The confectionary should be on your right and the castle should be in plain view.

  •  Snacks.
  1. Starbucks... There is one in every park and they have pixi dust on the cup. I mean seriously.
  2. Popcorn. 
  3. Churro.
  4. Carmel Apple- Confectionary.
  5. Donut Sunday- Main Street Ice Cream Parlour.
  6. Dole Whip Float- Adventureland.
  •  Breakfast
  1. Mickey waffles. They are pretty much anywhere breakfast is served (GF option available)
  2. Giant Donuts- By the monorail at MK ticket and transportation or in Epcot
  • Dinner.
  1. Cinderellas Royal Table (MK)... CAN'T be beat. You get to meet the mice, the Fairy Godmother, and Cindy. Best at fireworks time. (Books up to 6 months in advance)
  2. Tonys in Town Square (MK)... Sit on the Patio and make reservations for a parade time. (Books about a month out)
  3. Grand Floridian Cafe (Grand Floridian Resort)
  4. Chef Mickeys (Contemporary Resort) Character Dining- About $40 per person so dont let that sneak up on you!
  5. Trail's End (Ft. Wilderness Resort) Good down home country food.
  6. The Boathouse (Disney Springs) 
  • Drinks.
  1. Mizner's Lounge (Grand Floridian Resort) Fancy cocktails.
  2. Trader Sams (Polynesian Resort) Fun themes drinks experience and bar food.
  3. The Boathouse (Disney Springs)


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  1. The timing on this post couldn't be more perfect!!! We are heading to Disney in 2.5 weeks and I am so excited! Great tips! :)

  2. Love this post! Who doesn't love a good Disney trip?!
    Love seeing your Disney posts on Instagram! <3

    Shannon xx


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