Running To The Dark Side

5:24 PM


 My mr. and I arrived on property Saturday afternoon to check into our adorable hotel! We stayed at Art of Animation, and as you can obviously see, it is quite festive! King Triton stood guard outside our building... We didn't hate it!
Sunday morning (dark and early) we boarded a bus to take us to the starting lot where everyone files into their corrals and awaits the start of the race. Well, lucky for us (ahem, not so lucky for us) our bus driver must have been new, as he was:
 1. Unsure how to release the parking brake...
2. Got lost in the hotel parking lot and therefore did a very large and time consuming circle...
3. Didn't know how to get where he was headed, and when he lost the bus in front of him proceeded to get stuck in traffic for 20 minutes...
Point being, we missed the first corral's start but managed to slip into our corral just before they closed the rope!
The finisher's medal is HEAVY. This is my third Disney half, and by far this medal is the heaviest medal I have received. The medallion of Darth's head actually spins (which the mr. got a kick out of). Also, he and I sported these super fun tees that say, "We finish each others... Sandwiches!" SO cute! If you aren't familiar with Frozen, the quote is in the duet that Princess Anna and Prince Hans sing together called "Love is an Open door." 
We are kind of obsessed.

When we arrived back in our room after the race to get cleaned up for ALL THE MICKEY WAFFLES, there was the sweetest surprise waiting for us! I'm telling you, Disney is the actual best. Matching Mickey & Minnie mugs, a cutie little frame, balloons, and a card from the main man himself! 

We then popped over to Disney's Key West resort to grab breakfast at Olivia's, and it did not disappoint! 
Will. Run. For. Mickey. Waffles.

The rest of the day went a little something like this... 
Main Street
Mickey bar
Dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern
Minnie caramel apple
Hotel to crash and watch Disney movies.

 Best. Weekend. Ever.

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  1. Any weekend in Disney is a good one but this looks like so much fun! If I was more of a runner, I would be all about doing one of the half marathons because they always look like more fun than hard work (although I'm sure it still is) but it's always better when there are Mickey waffles and fun day at the Magic Kingdom after the finish line!

    1. They are the only ones I have ever run because, let's be honest, there is no motivation like character stops and mickey waffles!

  2. So much fun! My hubby says he will ONLY run the dark side half, and that he ain't got time for the light side :P

    1. You should totally do it together! It is way more fun to train together than it is to train alone!


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