Fixer Upper Wall Art Idea Hack

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Back story:
We have a giant wall between our kitchen and great room that has stumped us since the beginning of "make this house our home" circa 2011.

Disregard the vertical blinds... ugh they are HORRIBLE and are on the list of things to replace, I swear!

So... Let's just get it out there,  I absolutely adore Joanna Gaines' style... This is no new news to most of you.
While watching an episode of Fixer Upper a few months ago, I saw that she found a vintage map, had it cut into nine pieces, framed, and hung on a very large wall in one of their client's homes.
I was immediately sure that this very thing would be the perfect solution for our super duper giant blank wall!

1. Find nine matching frames of your liking.

2. Acquire a map of your happy place. (We picked GA because that is where we were married!)

3. Take the measurement of the top of the mat (if your frames are matted like these) or interior of the frame if they are not matted and multiply it by 3... This is the exterior horizontal measurement of your map.

4. Do the same with the vertical measurement.

NOTE: If you are using mats in your frames, add 1/2 inch on all sides for placement securing purposes!

 5. If using a mat, mark with pencil on the BACK side of the mat your half inch in two places on all sides

6. Connect those marks with the ruler so you have a faint pencil outline 1/2 inch all the way around the opening.

7. Place your map face down on the back of the mat and center into the pencil lines. Secure with a couple small pieces of tape.

8. Flip it to make sure it is level and in the right place. Follow the entire map edge with the drafting tape.

NOTE: Be sure your hands are squeaky clean when handling mats... mats like to absorb any and all things that you don't want them to!


9. Clean your glass on both sides. (I like to use a microfiber cloth to both clean and handle the glass as the edges are much sharper than they look and hold grudges against all ten of your fingers. (P.S. Although I do love a good Disney Princess Band-Aid, blood is not a cute addition to your map wall.)

10. Girl you better let that glass dry before you put your masterpiece in there!

11. Repeat for all nine frames... don't worry, each one is quicker than the last.

11. We have an engineer in our house, so we went with the DIY stencil method for hanging purposes... My dad, who hangs portraits like every day, recommended it so we obliged...
  • You take two very large rolls of paper and tape them together on the ground. 
  • Then you figure out how far apart you want each frame, multiply that by two, and add that to the sum of the horizontal exterior of the frames. 
  • You do the same for the vertical side. You should be left with a big grid. 
  • The frames we got from target came equipped with alligator teeth (which were not all created equal) so we heavily coated those suckers with chalk, lined the bottom corners up on the grid and pushed down onto the black paper. (Make sure you number the grid the map pieces, and the frames so you know which one went where and your wall doesn't turn into a jigsaw puzzle.)
  • Draw a little dot where you want your nail. (Spoiler alert: It has to be the same on alllll the alligator teeth). 
  • Tape that grid on the wall with painters tape and nail your dots!
  • Voila! A perfectly level and evenly spaced cluster of frames!
 12. Hang your frames.

13. Gently cut and pull off your grid paper.

14. And there it is folks... A Joanna Gaines inspired map wall!

Guys, we love it so much that I purposefully walk by it even when I am not going that direction in the house!!!


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