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Bath soaking is sort of a new thing for me... I used to HATE baths. Don't get me wrong, I dig a shower, I just didn't like a bath. There is something super gross to me about soaking in your own dirt... count me out. BUUUUUT I have found that if I shower before the soak, I am good to go. Thus my new relaxing bath routine!


My sweet as a peach mother-in-law gave me this fancy little bath caddy to hold all of my things. I love that it is a goldie color and I feel all sorts of fancy when I use it! No more reaching and splashing water everywhere trying to find my book or rogue bath bomb while covered in bubbles!

Wine = Bath Necessity 
Plus, flamingo wine glasses bump it up even another notch! 

I also like to keep this pineapple tray by the tub for keeping my extra face masks, bath bombs, and sugar scrubs close by.

Candles... duh. 
I love a good candle,  I basically always have one burning even if I am the only one home. It's just so much cozier in a house when there are candles!

Now go run a bath and pack it full of all the bubbles you can find!



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