Greetings From Austin

8:00 AM


We rounded out April with a whirlwind trip of all things Texas. First stop... Austin! We asked for y'all(s) recommendations, and ended up basically eating our way through this delicious city. I didn't hate it!

We obviously had to find the Austin wall, which was no easy feat. I'm pretty sure we made two giant circles around the town before we actually found it on a rando side street and asked a very nice stranger to take our photo. (ha!) 

Jo's Coffee it the actual bomb. 
Seriously, I love iced coffee and basically get it anywhere I go, but this one was different. It had a magical creamy something in it, and I should have gotten a bigger one. So good.

People watching is a fave past-time of ours. We love immersing ourselves in different cities and cultures and watching the daily grind take place. It feels like a real life sitcom. 

While strolling along downtown, we happened upon the cutest grocery. I am a total sucker for fresh florals on stadium seating. Takes me straight back to my fave city (NYC). I had to snap a quick shot... I mean those colors! P.S. This store had ALL the GF DF specialty items a girl could ever ask for. 

 Donuts are a no-brainer. Gourdough's is an actual life changer. Y'all, this is a DONUT! A freshly fried, cream cheese frosted, banana pudding- nilla wafer-banana nugget topped donut!


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