Traveler's Notebook Debut!

8:30 AM

I want not for another creative outlet, yet here we are... I just cannot help myself when in comes to these things!

Recently I picked up the idea of starting a Traveler's Notebook. The whole idea is that you take the tiny notebook with you exploring, or just on daily adventures, and jot down the happenings. Once you have a minute you can embellish the pages with stamps, watercolors, stickers, ticket stubs, photos and things of that nature. I have seen this process done in agendas, plain notebooks, Midori notebooks, etc. The idea is all the same.

I chose a Midori notebook insert, a clear zipper pocket to hold all my bits, and two Amy Tangerine notebook inserts to pair with this shiny little beauty I picked up from the Webster's Pages site. 

Packaging is everything, and Webster's Pages totally got it right.

These watercolors are so vibrant and I love using my water brush pens to write headers or fun quotes on the pages in my notebook!

I picked up a few sticker packs and some adorable stamp packs from Sakura Lala. These little acrylic numbers have totally changed the way I feel about stamping. My mom sister and I used to have quite the collection (Tupperware boxes on Tupperware boxes on Tupperware boxes) of wood block stamps when I was younger. We loved making homemade cards and stamping in our family scrap books, but the space it took to store all those stamps! These acrylic cling stamps are all the glory and no guts. SOLD.

Stay tuned for entries in my books of fun adventures and everyday happies!

P.S. Do any of YOU use a Traveler's Notebook?

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  1. i LOVE this idea!! Especially during the summer + fall...that's when I travel the most! I'll have to find these goodies at Hobby Lobby & get to work!

    1. You totally should do it! Happy notebook shopping adventures! That's half the fun!

  2. So I'm totally obsessed with this idea! I always tried to keep travel journals when I was younger but would end up failing two days into the trip! Maybe if I had a pretty journal I'd keep up with it better! I added this to my list of Friday Favorites, happy Friday!

    1. Yay! I agree, pretty journals really do make alllll the difference!


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