Girl's Weekend in Charleston (And A Little Bit Of Savannah Too)

8:00 AM


As we were loading all of our traveling bits into my trunk, we realized that this has to be the cutest trunk ever! It was a super cute and very colorful mess back there!

Our first* stop was Savannah. Who can resist such a sweet southern town?! We popped into The Collins Quarter (GF DF friendly) for lunch which was absolutely delightful. The natural light in this old old building was stunning! We also loved all the exposed brick, original wood floors, and giant windows.

*First- Meaning first intended. There were actually several "we need more coffee" stops before this one. We absolutely can not hang.

We did a bit of exploring* after lunch where mom got absolutely lost in a yarn store. She has just begun to knit and is absolutely smitten with it. For someone who travels as much as her, and reads as quickly as she does (you can only pack so many books per trip... I mean, leave room for your shoes for goodness sake!) Knitting is the perfect answer.

*Exploring- meaning shop shop shop shop shop!

The Paris Market is ALWAYS a must do on a Savannah jaunt. We couldn't get enough of their beautiful tablescapes, cutsie candy, and endless macaroon supply.

Cannon Green. You guys. We actually stumbled upon this restaurant while looking for places that could accommodate allergies, and woah. We had the fanciest of cocktails, a delicious dinner, and just sat* for a while in the garden out back. We liked it so much, we returned the next morning for brunch!

*Sat- meaning full on photo shoot, obviously

Candlemaking? I mean, people joke about it and put it in the same category as "underwater basket weaving" but y'all, this was so much fun! Plus it is a perfect souvie to take home!

Rainbow Row is beautiful. I came home to tell Bobby that we are moving and I found our new balcony. He was less than enthused as he is vigilantly working on an addition to our home here in Florida, but I think I might be able to persuade him.

More Rainbow beauties.

This was the PERFECT outfit for exploring. Adventure is out there and we were on a mission to go snatch it up. Kinda like all those people we saw in the parks on mission to find Pokemon.

Matching everything. Between our weekender bags, our ABD dopp kits, and our adorable striped jammies, we were quite the trio! On the very last night, we put on face masks and giggled until wee hours in the morning. 

P.S. My mom = Wonder-Woman and the cutest thing ever. This whole trip started with a phone call...
Mom: "Your dad will be out of town on business in a couple weeks, so I was thinking we should have a girls weekend!" 
Me: "Sounds fun! Would you like to go to the farmers market?"
Mom: "Yes! in Charleston!"
Me: "Wait, what?"... " I mean, Count me in!!!"

I have this thing with coffee shops, so I like to find homegrown ones wherever I go. This one tops the charts though. We stopped at The Daily (Also GF DF friendly!) on our way home and couldn't get enough of the soooooo good iced almond milk latte and pressed juices. It was super local so we were trying to blend in, spoiler alert, it didn't work. I think the camera gave it away.  


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