A Very Merry Mickey Kind of Christmas

8:44 AM


Main Street U.S.A. with a glittering Cinderella's castle lit by none other than Elsa, herself.

There was a super special Christmas parade with princesses in beautiful carriages and toy soldiers marching in formations as if they were on a football field at halftime.

Balloons with light up mickeys inside.

And not one fireworks show, but two fireworks shows! The second being a surround of fireworks. None of that 'oh that's cute, there's fireworks over the castle' business. I mean five separate fireworks locations surrounding you in the castle hub all firing at the same time so you actually feel like you are in the princess movie and not just watching it from the outside.

Plus a small selfie from Adventureland where we came across our first of many complimentary ho-cho and sugar cookie combo.  

As we should allllll know by now, the mr. and I are big ole fans of The Mouse and his Floridian house. This is our second year as passholders, and we are happy to report that we will never be returning to the darkside again. However, there are several parties in the parks throughout the year that not a pass out there can grant you access to. They are separately priced tickets, and now we TOTALLY get why. Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party crushed expectations!

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