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I get a lot of questions regarding my running gear so I thought I would do a post of my must haves for long runs. These are the exact products that I use (the colors may vary, as plenty of options are provided from each company, but from head to toe... these are my favorites). 

This Nike top is breathable, lightweight, and I like that there isn't much going on in the shoulder region.

These Nike sports bras are padded, but still hug and don't slide around. It is the perfect amount of conceal and support.

The Nike shorts here (are you catching a trend here... ha!)  are my current faves. They are shorties, but they stay out of your way. Plus that pattern is super jazzy, and I like to add jazz to my running outfits. It puts a little extra pep in my step.

Feetures socks are anatomically correct and come in three different cushion densities. I personally like the light cushion... It is a good cross between "these feel like house slippers" and "am I actually wearing socks?"

Asics. That's all. I have tried all of the brands. I don't buy running shoes for their cuteness factor (obviously) I buy them based on support and fit. Asics 1000 series just fits my feet and cushions my stride better than any other!--Just in the event you were wondering, EVERY other shoe I purchase is literally based solely on it's cuteness factor!

Body glide... stops the blistering and skin irritation wherever you may need it.

Shoe flashers are important if you are running in the dark. I wouldn't worry about it on a race day, but if you train near traffic, these help them know you are sharing the road. Safety first!

I have run with all the musical devices. You name it, I've tried it. But nothing beats the light weight, easy to use shuffle. 

I love this watch because not only does it has a battery that will carry you through a full marathon, but also because it is heart rate monitor compatible, shows you your distance, your pace, your time, and will also count your steps for the day. PLUS it is not nearly as expensive as the majority of the GPS watches out there.

These are cute... that's really all.

I can't rave enough about these lillyband headbands! They are no-slip and not too tight to where you can feel your heart beat in your brain. They tame the fly-aways and are the CUTEST headband out there. Wins all around for this one!


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