Flower and Garden Festival

8:00 AM


I love making little to do lists before heading to Disney for the day! It gives you tangible goals and also a super cute (and cheap) souvenir from the day. This one I watercolored using my favorite pallete which I will link below and a few colored pencils.


There can not possibly be anything prettier than vivid fresh flowers. Epcot's gardeners are basically magicians. I mean... just look at it!

Normally I am decked out in pink at all times, for no other reason that I love the color. I think it is just the happiest of colors! But this day I went all Minnie Mouse and dressed in red. This top from Happily Ever Tees is the CUTEST! I couldn't resist the theme.

And a coffee... with Tinkerbell, obviously.

Finding my girl Cinderella is always a treat. She is my #1 of all time, and this topiary in France is absolutely gorgeous. I actually waited for like 15 minutes with the camera at my face waiting for the moment where there wasn't a rando tourist in the shot!


The most fabulous sisters in all of their leafy glory...

And the tastiest part of the whole day... My giant Macaroon from France.
Let's be real, it was a must.



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