Happy National Bestie Day!

9:02 AM


Here is a quick look at the #bestiebox I sent to my best this week to celebrate such a fun holiday!

We have sent this same box back and forth for 5 years now. It has been from CA to FL to GA so many times I can't even count!

When both yours and your bestie's love language is gifting, this is the perfect solution for all things to do with " thinking about you" or "saw this and knew you had to have it." 

Every girl needs a best, and when mine moved across the country, we just naturally started sending care packages... next thing you know we are waiting for the box to arrive and adding a little flair to the outside of it each time it takes a trip. It was quickly dubbed the "Bestiebox." 

The BEST mail days are when you find this crazy colorful box on your doorstep.

This Tropical Summer themed box includes:
Barnies Coffee (use code: kylasbestie for a little discount on yours)
Wick trimmers (to keep the candle on it's best behavior)
Drink umbrellas (Obviously a necessity)
Flamingo cocktail napkins (for her Summer bar cart)
Griffindor Harry Potter cookie (because... reasons)

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