Birthdays at the Boathouse

8:30 AM


Disney is actually the happiest place on earth. Never-mind the gaggles of tourists with their sunburns and their lack of personal space. It's actually magical.

We hadn't yet been to the new and improved (and still under construction) Disney Springs and wanted to pop in to check it out for ourselves. Plus, what better time to wrangle the troops on a new adventure than my birthday?!

We hopped into the new Lilly store, because obviously, it's LILLY... AT DISNEY. A match made in Heaven. The dressing rooms are magnificent... All hand painted glorious-ness and color for days.

Dinner was at the Boathouse, and it was fantastic! I had the fish tacos which were, as always, made with extraordinary allergy care, along with a delightful blueberry lemonade concoction. IF you have an allergy (or in my case an intolerance... or two) Disney is the place to go. GO.  

Sparkle ears are a must because "I'm a mouse, duh."


When dinner was almost done, I handed my dad my camera, gave him a friendly nudge, and a very concerned "get outside, it's golden hour!"alert. Dad is an incredible craftsman with the camera so it is all too convenient for me to pass the documentation job on over to him... The man is a light genius >>> see for yourself!

This view though.


 We ended the night with a few sister selfies, some GF DF donuts, cinnamon rolls, and chocolate cake from Erin McKenna's Bakery (The cinnamon roll was by far the best), and a show from several incredible street performers. The evening was a total success.

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