Blue Ridge, BBQ, and The Biltmore

6:19 PM


The fourth of July was spent pontune-ing around Lake Blue Ridge, grilling hot dogs, and eating all the cookies. It was magical.

 Day two in the mountains consisted of cabin dwelling and jetting down to the dam to catch the sunset with two of out favorite people! We brought bevvys and snacks and parked it front and center. The above photo was actually the East side of the dam... The West side, where the actual sun was, is posted on my Instagram.

As much as I LOVE our family's cabin, the Biltmore day may have been my fave. The mr. and I joined ABD and Ryan on their day trip to NC and crammed in everything we possibly could! (Including being stuck on a mountain... on a twisty turney road... in the middle of the two states... not moving because 2 giant trees had just fallen about 200 yards in-front of our car). But dont look to the right because the super scary "caution falling rock" sign was literally RIGHT next to us. We made the best of it by walking down to watch all the happenings and having multiple car kareoke sessions. It's a real good thing we packed allllll the snacks! 

P.S. My dress is my current fave for day to night activities & Ashley's dress is on super sale!


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  1. Umm being stuck on a mountain road sounds a little terrifying! Especially if you are on the slide of a cliff.

    Absolutely LOVE going to Asheville and the Biltmore. The Mr. and I go pretty much once a year. This year we are planning to go during Christmas time. I've heard they decorate beautifully for the holidays.


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