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Atlanta is one of our very favorite places to visit. Our besties call it home, so we call it home away from home. This past ATL trip had a little more behind the flight than hugging our favorites and eating alllll the southern food though. I was asked to speak at PPA's national Imaging USA convention and gladly accepted! I had the best time hopping up on stage sharing a bit about my painting passion with all those eager ears! But to be honest, we still ate allll the food.

Your Pie (They have gluten free and dairy free options-WIN)

Bar Taco (What is not to love about tacos though)

Callie's Hot little Biscuit (Adorable, but no GF options here).

This was spectacular. The Ponce City Market is basically perfect. Lots of food, lots of shops, lots of history, and lots of character).

More Ponce City Market goodness.
That time I got to wear pink party pants and chat with tons of talented photographers about Kyla Renee Paintings.

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